Summertime in the city~

Hello again kiddies! I am currently in summer class and feeling naughty for choosing to blog (it’s art history and is dreadfully dull). It is the perfect opportunity to keep myself awake. I do LIKE learning and I do LIKE art but the history of it I can only take for about 2 hours and these are over 4 hour long classes (the other is a child psych class which is great, my  last elective). ughh. This is the restart of continuing my flight for an AA in art after a 6 month hiatus to spend time with my sweetpeas. Oh god I’m feeling all mothery! Actually, i am pretty worn out as is Jay who is also back in school aiming for an AA in business accounting (woo! go education!). We are completely exhausted and in therapy (which is good). Jay is getting to deal with a lot of his internal issues and we are getting to address how our own insecurities stress our relationship. It sounds bad but it’s really quite beneficial. After my last relationship, therapy seems like way to hold a mirror up to one another and really SHOW the other what each other means and why.

Anyhow, it’s been tough finding babysitting. Jays sister has committed to watching the kids the 3 nights we need them looked after but that will be harder when she goes back to high school in the fall. We have just recently been checking out daycare in the area because the place that offspring 1 was attending when I was last in school has no space for an infant and we’d like the kids to be together. Thankfully, a quiet, friendly older woman runs an educational looking home daycare 2 MINUTES from my campus. If the county supports my child care for attending college, this is definitely where I’d like them to be. I didn’t go back to school till my first son was older so the thought of leaving my little pumpkin without a family member makes me wince. I got this whole pumping with my car charge in the car at break during school down for summer but I know it will be crazy harder in the fall. I’d like to breastfeed as long as I did with my first (18 months). It was perfect that he started weening at that age for me and by 2 I FINALLY got him into his own bed (that was tortuously difficult). Jay is very concerned about the new little dude being “too attached” if he co-sleeps and breastfeeds as long as my first (pshh, now if he could only cooperate with potty training). I enjoy co- sleeping but this summer with its 106+ degree weather is making me think twice because my kid is like a heat seeking missile. We all wake up sticky sweaty hot and need cold showers in the morning, bleh. We’ll see…it’s less any resistance from me and more that we have no crib (we have a portable play crib) and are all in one room. I have visions of my eldest creeping over and disturbing my little one if we leave him anywhere but our bed.

In other news, Jay kind of proposed without actually proposing.. he more said he planned too and waited for my reaction (oh men, lol), I was frustrated he was ruining any surprises but understood the wanting reassurance. I honestly said we needed more time to get financially better off and out of his parents home. Love this guy to death and let me tell you guys, ITS SUPER EXCITING that he feels the way he does but all this is overshadowed by doubts and my own dread caused by my ex. Jay said he had plans on proposing in Disneyland (my dream!) but now we have put off our disneyland trip from a combination of my fear of him proposing and our fear of money issues. (btw, my son can sing “Grimm Grinning Ghosts” word for word thanks to Jays sister!) My dirty secret: I pinterest. Hey! dont judge, i’m not single…I can wedding pinterest if I so choose…haha. So I pin beautiful wedding ideas and breathe a sigh of patience. I told Jay to wait at LEAST 6 months so maybe next year… Jay lost his job about 2 months ago and has been depressed and eagerly searching for bank-related anything. I am supposed to start working for my fathers company as a paid intern in the art department soon which is cool but it keeps getting pushed out.

My eldest son turns three this week and my new addition just turned 7 months! We took the kids to see “Monsters University,” which was cute and was my nearly 3 year old’s first movie at a theater. He sat on Jays lap almost the whole time where as the little one has been seeing movies with us since the early weeks (he is a good, happy baby as was my first, thank god). Next film: “Despicable Me 2!” I wasn’t into the first one when I saw it and then started watching it with my son and it grew on me. I’m thrilled my son loves Ghibli movies like “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and “Ponyo.” I cannot wait to show him more when he is older. I’m late to the party in that I am about to get language DVDs and such to teach the kids a second language. My dad speaks french and Jays family knows a decent amount of Hebrew (my mom is german but doesn’t speak it, boo) so there are 2 starting places. My eldest already knows lots of words in Hebrew from living with Jays family. The thing is, I’d like to learn a language and French is pretty along with the fact that its better to know a language if you are trying to teach your kids it. It’s right about now that i am wishing we had matrix technology and could just download info directly into the brain! hah~

I think my kids have made me strangely nostalgic because in the last year or so, I’ve been completely addicted to looking up craft sites and stuffed animal makers like Joanne Livingston ( I cant get enough. I wish I had that kind of talent to craft such realistic, cute stuffed bears! Why does this make me feel like some senior?! Like a crazy lady, I watched a bidding war for her latest bear on ebay go up to nearly a grand! Aaaaand this is why they are out of my price range. *cries* I ask myself, what would I even do with one? Protect it from the kids and keep it on the highest shelf while they cry to play with it? Yea, no thanks.

I’m trying to get Jay to start a Vlog on youtube because he’s a talker, a comedian and I can only imagine what a kick he would get out of gathering a following of people with his entertainment. He has been keeping up writing in a journal all kinds of jokes for his comedy routine. 😛

Thats pretty much it for an update for now…still have another hour of class. baaah *plunks head onto desk.” I’m so freaked because I have to take algebra again to finish my AA but I’ve put it off till next spring.. Gives me some time to refresh (if i can even call that..i NEVER retained any of it because i kept failing in high school). I use youtube! lol, I found out it’s an amazing resource for math videos and other school-related teaching material.

That’s what I am forgetting! My tattoo that i have been designing, drawing and working on with my fantastic artist in SF. It’s of my take on the corpse bride in an Alphonse-nouveau art style with Stephen Gammell artwork in the background using these: ( ) ( ) which the artist loved! This guys art is wicked scary. I have his books, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” and I got them in treasury hardcover when they announced they were releasing the books with different art (boooo) for hella cheap online. I’ve been saving money for ages for this and I struggle with whether to get tattoos when we are poor but if i’m diligently saving for literally a year plus, I think I can justify it! Jay got his first tattoo in April. He said the experience was exhilarating and adrenaline fueled.  When his dad later found out, he wasn’t happy but got over it… Anywho..super excited to get another tattoo. originally it was for my arm but it got so big that we moved it to my thigh. My 2nd consultation is this month! I have another great artist nearer to where we live who I’ll be bringing some artwork to in the coming year or two because his quality of work is excellent but his prices are cheaper..much. I’m working on a Giger tribute with an alien done in a sketchy style from an artist I found on deviantart.

okay, no more..I read some of this back and I’ve turned into a boring sack of potatoes. but before I go, congrats on Prop 8 and DOMA going down! Equality is a tiny step closer. (Its been great seeing the daily show and colbert report cover it) Sharing this video that made this pansy cry: (




~ by Single Gamer Mom on July 3, 2013.

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