This hurricane called life.

So my last technical post would have been in august. It’s now october… what…happened?!

I’ll tell you what- my life took a huge turn. I’m currently living with Jay because my parents kicked me out. Yes…they kicked both my 15 month old son and I out. Mostly over the fact that they wanted far more control over parenting MY son than I was willing to give them. Note- living with grandparents is BAD. They still watch my son when I am in school the 2 days I go and 1 day out of the 3 I have work (got a job at a cafe). The blow out between my dad and I the night I got kicked out was monumental and we havent talked much since. He insists it’s all my fault and I should be apologizing but when your own father lays hands on you,…asking for an apology is pretty ballsy. So I do not know where my relationship with my parents is going. My father has also thrown me under the bus over all the stuff about his own divorce. That’s another story but according to my mom, they are “just fine” and my dad wont talk about it anymore. That’s great because I’m done being his emotional crutch.

I’ve been having to deal with a lot of craziness lately. Paperwork up the ass. Government assistance, filing the last of the divorce related papers, getting medical insurance for my son and I … It’s never-ending. I hope to get a second job since my cafe job is only 3 days. I interviewed at gamestop recently. We’ll see about that… 🙂

I’m so sorry guys for the long hiatus. I told you sticking with something is hard for me. Living with Jay and is family when there is such turmoil with my own is sad. They are wonderful and make me wonder why my own is so disfunctional.


ps- for my birthday, Jay got me the “Gears of war3” xbox360. It makes chainsaw noises when you turn it on. I about died. This guy…is…fantastic. I was sick for the Gears of war 3 launch which was terrible but when I came home from something the day after, he had set the whole system up and had the Gears game on the screen. LOVE THIS BOY. On the rare occations when my son sleeps in and we are up earlier than he is, we play. We play like our lives depend on it. It’s awesome. I think we are on chapter 4 in campaign and I only recently started multiplayer. Jay had to buy some xbox live which he swore he would never do since he is such a PS3 guy.


~ by Single Gamer Mom on October 12, 2011.

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