This was a draft that was to be posted back a couple months ago so forgive its oldness, i’m about to update. sorry for hiatus-


That is definitely a lesson learned. Never get something pierced with a ring versus a stud. The ring in my lip tried to embed itself into my skin so it wouldn’t heal. I went back to another shop 3 weeks later and got a stud put in which felt awful to begin with because it was banging my teeth but now feels wonderful and not sore. I’m sad about reacting poorly to the ring because I was looking forward to wearing rings but oh well. The stud looks cute.

My ex confirmed yet again that he had no interest in being a father and that he wants to press forward with the termination of his parental rights. This is bittersweet but more sweet than bitter at this point. I’m glad he wont be that drive by dad that has no interest in his kids and makes them suffer.  At least he’ll just plain be gone from our lives for the most part. Most of his family gives me the cold shoulder anyhow.

My dad finally broke the divorce to my mom. I spent all last week staying with my son at Jay’s house. It was like a little vacation from chaotic life. He let me borrow his car when he was at work and I got to parent without the intrusion of my folks. He said really sweet things about the future as well, like how he envisions a cohabitation with us. Personally, I’ve told myself I should be engaged at bare minimum before cohabitation with anyone again. We’ll see what the future holds.

I’ve been happily catching Jay up on all the prior seasons of “the guild” and he has been watching “True Blood” with me every Sunday. We took my son to an aquarium for the first time the other day. He enjoyed the jelly fish and we got to see starfish be fed which is weird because they barely move.

I need to pre-order Dead Island and both new Resident Evil games! I made the leap and got a credit card a month ago because my internship is supposed to start end of next month. It’s scary spending money you do not have. I only got it to BUILD credit. Let’s hope I don’t destroy my credit…

I cant tell if the zoloft is working. My dad thinks it makes me unsympathetic but honestly, I think that’s just me being overwhelmed


~ by Single Gamer Mom on October 12, 2011.

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