I got my lip pierced!

I always seem to get pierced around times of life trauma. My parents’ divorce motivated me to finally get the piercings I’ve wanted for years and some fight with my dad prompted me to get my septum done years ago. I’m weird like that. Maybe it’s psychological but the adrenaline makes it easier. I’m so pleased. It barely hurt at all and I’m a big baby with pain. I always go to the same shop. The people there are awesome. I went into another place with a friend who was purchasing jewelry and asked about prices and such. They charged $30+ more for the same piercings as my shop. Crazy. They also took a look at my navel to see how closed up it was. Its not too bad. I might reopen it.

Now to save up for a tattoo! ugh what am I talking about. Im broke as can be AND child support still hasn’t dealt with my ex and his new job. I briefly talked to him the other day and he confirmed he was still itching to terminate his parental rights so I have to figure out how to do that now..

My exs sister met Jay the other day when I took my son to meet his great grandmother who is my exs grandma and is 100 years old! It felt like the right thing to do. I still try to get along with my exs family and be a good person. Not sure why when my ex father in law treats me like a ghost and now my youngest ex brother in law also gives me the cold shoulder. Sigh. I played so many video games with him for years. He was such an awesome guy. Just shows how people can change. Frustrating.

I’m sad harry potter is over. I wont even go beyond that. I loved the books and movies and need to buy the big movie collection now on DVD for my son. I also need games like “dead island” and “gears of war 3” to HURRY UP! oh and they finally added “aliens: colonial marines” back on the release dates! It actually looks good! As opposed to aliens versus predator for consoles that kind of tanked. I wish I had “Alice.” I used to play the original. I’d like the cheshire cat as a tattoo. I’ll never forget seeing him in a gaming magazine when I was like 13. It really impacted me. Thinking back to all the game/animation related influences in my life is really interesting. I hope my son has as much fun with them as I did. Without becoming addicted.



~ by Single Gamer Mom on July 31, 2011.

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