Happiest place on earth

Just got back from the happiest place on earth and let me just say- wow.

Had such a great time. My son did wonderfully aside from his sudden urge to hit and bite everyone within arms length (like all the people in line). We went on haunted mansion, pirates, tower of terror, California screaming, splash mountain and some kid rides. Jay was marvelous with the offspring and continues to impress me every day. What an amazing guy. We’re going back in November with his family!

My parents are divorcing soon upon which I’ll be moving with my dad and my girlfriend whom I plan to move out with by ourselves eventually when we can afford it. Her parents are extreme Jehovahs witnesses and are abandoning her because she doesn’t conform to their every desire. Such ridiculous parents out there, I realize it more now than I myself am a parent..

Oh and I have a phone again so hopefully I can post more frequently! Haha I’m so excited “the guild” season 5 is finally starting! I’ve been sharing past seasons with Jay while he shared “true blood” and “doctor who” with me. I’ll only watch doctor who with David tennant as the doctor. He’s my favorite! Cannot wait to see him in “fright night!” true blood has become my new guilty pleasure. In obsessed with Eric Northman! Who’d have thought Anna paquin would go from “fly away home” to a sexy racey vampire HBO show!



~ by Single Gamer Mom on July 28, 2011.

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