Destined for failure?

This gamer mom is STILL very phone-less. Without wordpress on my phone, I unfortunately write less!

It’s also frazzling trying to track down my ex to finish the last of the divorce paperwork with. I finally got the new petition and summons filed yesterday. It feels really good. We would have been married 2 years this november. Seems like that whole life and the entire 5 year relationship was just a dream within a dream, as if it never really happened.

My son is officially 1 years old although his party isnt for a couple weeks. I kept having to move it around because all my friends work and didn’t want to take time off.  Oh to be young and an asshole, haha…I invited my ex’s parents and all three of his siblings and their spouses. They are all nice people and mean well. My ex’s dad is the only stick in the mud who doesn’t even awknoledge me anymore (as if i’m the one who up and left his son). He has no right to treat me like that but I just let it go because I honestly do not have the strength for one more conflict right now.

My parents are also getting a divorce. My dad filed HIS paperwork along side me at the court yesterday. My mom doesn’t know yet and I am hoping i’ll be in disneyland when she finds out which is in a week from today. If it were not for me, my parents would not have stayed together very long after being married. It just was not meant to be. Jay said something to me in passing about it along the lines of…”I’m sorry, it must be hard when the first stable thing in one’s life turns out not to be so stable…” Which is true because despite the reality of divorce and problems out there, SUPPOSEDLY your parents are becon of light. Seeing 2 people work together with compromise and love and understanding is so important for a child. I fear I’ll never be married or am destined for another divorce purely because of my own parents…

Anyhow, this divorce does have SOME light at the end of the tunnel: my dad will be moving and so will I. I have a best girlfriend that I had been talking to about moving out with in the next year and my dad is offering up his new house as a starting ground for us living together since he travels a lot and it will be a 3 bedroom. I’m extatic. Finally more space, a room mate and peace away from my mother. I love my mom but I seriously need some time away from insanity for awhile…

Jay has a crazy ex. She is still (after 3 months of dating) unaware that he has a new girlfriend. Apparently she is crazy bipolar and manic depressive. She is also a cutter. He seems afraid of her…or for her since she used to send him pictures of her cutting herself whenever he’d say the wrong thing. How do people END UP IN RELATIONSHIPS with people like that?! I mean, I get that I have a shitty ex but he isn’t crazy just selfish. While it deffinately irritates me that Jay hasn’t told her about me yet, I know she will find out soon enough since we’re all invited to the same party in september. She stands 6 feet tall. Wish me luck..



~ by Single Gamer Mom on July 16, 2011.

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