Hide the rum

Hmm, so I had a nicely drafted post to blog yesterday and for some reason my iphone did not save it as a draft. I am quite displeased. It went something like this:

I realized something the other day. People are easily blinded whether it be by emotions or tangible things…or alcohol.  Uncensored, unforgivable alcohol. I seriously drank for the first time in 8 months the other night because my parents watched my son so I could bid a long time friend farewell (he’s going into the military). I ran into what I had considered an ex friend at the party. He was both my ex’s and my best friend for years and pretty much abandoned me in my hour of need because my ex told him he’d be angry if he hung out with me after we parted ways. Yea, douchey move, I know but in an inebriated blur of “I’m sorry’s” and “Your ex is an asshole,” I forgave him. Plus he walked me to the bathroom twice that night so he’s in my good graces regardless right now.

He finally realized my ex uses people and when he’s gotten all there is to get out of someone, he moves onto another. It’s funny because my ex continues to tell his family the same thing about me, that I use people! How I used him or anyone in his family is beyond me. I’m the one he dated for 5 years while I witnessed all of his bullshit only to be left with a baby, a broken heart and nothing more. He had nothing to offer me. No house, no money, no assets. How did I use him? What for? He said that I “rallied people against him.” He does an excellent job of rallying people against him all on his own. People come to me and tell me how much of an ass my ex is now without a word being said on my part. That admittedly feels good.

The last time I drank, I surpassed my limit (mostly because someone stupidly decided to mix my drinks from vodka to whiskey which I proceeded to throw up for an hour). This time I stayed happy and in equally sloshed company. It’s never fun to be way more tipsy than everyone around you because everything you say is perceived as loud and obnoxious. Looking back at the texts from that night are funny. I also brought an army of drunks to the car with me when my dad picked me up. That wasn’t embarresing at all… *hurr* I hate my dad seeing me like that but he just laughed. Drinking 2-3 times a year is totally forgivable.

Jay was unfortunately out of town for this party. We’ve been dating over 2 months now and I couldn’t be happier. He told me he could see himself falling for me a bit ago and I just stupidly stared at him with a grin that took up my whole face. Kind of how I’ve felt about E3 the last week. I had friends who went and hearing the stories/seeing the pictures makes me so undeniably jealous. They showed footage from “Dead Island,” “Bioshock Infinite,” “Gears of war 3,” Modern Warefare 3,” and many others but just upon seeing those, I’m dreadfully excited. Once Jay and I beat Portal2 co-op, we need something new to kick around together! I still need to show him “The Guild,” which he’s never seen. I just let him borrow all my “Wetmoon,” comics. We are such geeks. Except he is more of a super hero nerd and I’m more of a gamer geek. 🙂

Okay, Things I need to get done-I’m looking into signing up for online classes this fall. I need to get my general education out of the way so I can move on to get my Illustration degree. I also need to plan my sons first birthday party (including inviting all the ex in laws) and I need to complete more court paperwork. Oooh all this paperwork…*groan* I’m trying to get my job back at gamestop if only for 1-2 days a week so I can work with my girl friend. She’s in need of company of the estrogen sort in a work environment that’s mostly…penis.

I’m watching a lot of twilight zone lately. Hooray youtube!



~ by Single Gamer Mom on June 13, 2011.

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