The other side

Things keep getting weirder and weirder.

My ex brother in law (he’s married to my ex’s older sister) has been hitting on me for the last month. Full on flirtatiousness via text message. I’m so floored. He’s in his early 40’s (looks good for his age) and is a guitarist. I’ll admit, I’ve always found him attractive since I met him when I was 16 but this is SO giggle inducing to know that a MARRIED member of my ex’s family thinks I’m hot and not just hot but *I want to bang you* hot. Ego boost for the win. I don’t really know what to do with him though. I’m friendly back and don’t really encourage him. I see him every few months when his family drives the 6+ hours to visit my exs parents and so I’m a little nervous to see him again in person after all this awkwardness. I’m flattered but it freaks me out a little. Now I know why he was always kissing me with his hello’s and goodbyes for the last couple years, lol. Jay thinks it’s all entertaining and creepy.

Jay has officially met some of my exs family. My ex sister in law (I consider her the only trustworthy one of the 3 sister in laws since she herself was a single mom before marrying my ex’s older brother), her husband (ex’s brother), my ex mother in law and ex father in law (but I don’t really count him since he never says a word to me anymore. not a single hello or how are you.) My ex sister in law thinks Jay is awesome. She’s always been on my side and continues to give me helpful guidance on how to deal with child support and government assistance (which is something I need to pursue now). Even my ex mother in law was nice to Jay and said, “Take care of her,” to him upon leaving. He didn’t know how to respond. Who would without major sarcasm. If I could have switched places with Jay for a moment, I would have loved to say something along the lines of, “Oh don’t worry, I’ll do a hell of a lot better than your delinquent, shitty excuse for a son…” Oh man, I’m mean. In all reality I still feel sorry for my ex. He has no direction in his life and deep down is miserable.

Being a single mom pressures me to get my education underway. I also need to figure out a babysitting situation for my son so that I can get a job. My friend can get me a job at a Jamba Juice. I worked at one when I was 17 and despised it (rude customers make any job crappy) but money is money and at least I’d be working with my friend. My parents are pretty negative about me working purely because they think having someone to watch my son will consume all the money I make, therefore becoming pointless. It hurts my brain to think myself in circles about balancing jobs, school and son not to mention I have no car but it CAN BE DONE. If single moms in the ghetto who are a lot worse off than I can pull themselves up with government aid, so can I! I just need to set up an appointment to meet with human resources and start all this as soon as possible. I need to make it to the other side…wish me luck!



~ by Single Gamer Mom on May 31, 2011.

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