The Gynocologist’s ego boost

I went to the gynecologist yesterday and had my ego boosted when she peered down south, only to emerge saying, “Wow, you look amazing for having had a baby.”

My vagina,..thanks you?

I’ve been debating whether or not I should get an IUD. All the doctors i’ve been to insist that it’s safe and the most effective birth control. Plus, once you’ve had a baby, supposedly it’s just that much easier to put in. After nearly 10 glorious months without “that time of month,” it finally returned. Boo. Oh well, it was nice break. All in all, plus pregnancy, that’s ALMOST a year without it. I’ll miss those days. All this talk about birth control has got me thinking about kids. Truthfully, I do not WANT anymore children but I know it wouldn’t be all that fair to my future husband to not be willing to bear him offspring. I grew up an only child and happily got all the attention (selfish me). I also witnessed the majority of 2+ child homes around me have a sort of unexplainable turmoil in them. Especially my ex’s. I don’t want my son to feel like he is second. It frustrates me because I REALLY don’t want to see my body go through what it just went through all over again. It felt like getting hit by a car. Also, that ravenous feeling of hunger and thirst while pregnant is eerie and unearthly. I now know where the saying “I could eat a horse,” came from. Speaking of which, i totally caved today and ate an amazing poppy seed bear claw. I feel so shame.

My poor son was so uptight the other night. He hadn’t had carrots in awhile and re-introducing them caused…gastrointestinal distress that woke him up at 2 in the morning. I couldn’t get him back to sleep for a couple hours after. I can’t wait to tease him about all the poop I cleaned and stuff I did for him when he is older. Oh and I beat Portal 2. I feel so accomplished. I also realize when I’m playing a really enjoyable video game, just how much video games MEAN to me. I know that sounds silly and I’m not obsessed or anything but I truly LOVE them! Playing them, the art, the development… It’s such a major part of who I am. I really hope to be involved with the art production behind games one day (*cough* Visceral games maybe?). I spend a good amount of time in Gamestop chatting up old co-workers. Feels like I never left. My old boss was raving about the game, “Brink,” that just came out. I wish I could afford to buy it but good grief games are expensive these days. I can still remember being 12-13 and thinking $30 was ridiculous for a brand new game. Now $65 after tax is the norm. I still haven’t bought “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” I only ever played the Nazi Zombies in “World at War,” and would only be buying “Black Ops” for the Zombies this time around. Speaking of zombies, I showed Jay the trailer for “Dead Island.” He was impressed. I love exchanging new things with him. I’m almost done reading “The Boys,” comics he let me borrow and he finished my “Tank Girl,” and “Aliens,” comics. We are such kids at heart.

I pre-ordered “Gears of War 3” finally. I’m itching to find out what’s in the limited edition so I just pre-ordered the regular. You can bet your ass I’ll be at the launch party for THAT game! Can. Not. Wait. It’s a sin that I haven’t played any of the Beta yet and it ends in four days I found out. *facepalm*



~ by Single Gamer Mom on May 12, 2011.

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