Dinners, Gift exchanges, Portal2

Had dinner with Jay and his parents the other night. Apparently, they liked me. Their interesting people. His father seems to have a bit of the geek gene in him as well. We spent the evening chatting about “House,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and how Jay’s mother wanted him to become an accountant. I love Jewish moms. However, as with most people, they DID mention my facial piercing to Jay but it was mentioned in a “When she meets grandma, maybe she could take it out?” Jay came to my defense and said he didn’t care what his grandma thought of me and that he liked me just the way I was. I was flattered but I like making a good impression so I’d probably remove it. (It’s a septum nose ring. I’ll be getting a lip ring this summer. My dad also hates my affinity for tattoos and piercings). Why emphasis on the importance of “meeting grandma” was mentioned this earlier in the relationship makes me laugh.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and posts discussing the same freaky occurrence of emotional distance that happens at some point in a relationship with a single mom. They (the moms) panic at some point in a relationship and withdraw themselves emotionally for fear that they will eventually be left. Not only that but also because they not only fear for their own feelings but that of their children. That freaks me out. The thought of having some great guy in your life that you end up pushing away or worse, that really DOES just plain leave after having invested so much energy into. It’s not something I want to dwell on.

At least my last relationship opened my eyes to several golden rules that I’ll always remember. Like how you should NEVER let yourself go, no matter how comfortable you are or how many years you’ve been with someone. I don’t mean getting fat or anything like that, I’m talking about a comfort level. You should always try and look your best or at least well put together. I had a habit of sitting around in pajamas, no makeup, no cares for days on end and despite him not saying anything at the time, we eventually revealed how much us not taking care of ourselves the way we used to, affected the relationship. Sure, you want to be able to kick back all natural from time to time or not care about looking sexy while changing but BE WARNED. Where I failed to keep the mystery and tidiness then, I will NOT allow this time around. Jay even comments on how I don’t have to always dress up every time we go out (and it’s not like I put a ball gown on) but it feels good to care about ones appearance. Plus, he’s seen me in my over sized geek shirts and pajama pants and still thinks i’m cute so I think i’m doing a good job.

It will have been one month since we’ve been dating this coming Saturday. Jay came over the other day and pulled out his brand new PS3 copy of “Portal 2.” We chatted about how good the first one was…and then he pulled out a copy of an xbox360 version and held it up to me. I blankly stared at it and then at him, smiling stupidly. All I could manage was, “Why did you buy an xbox version?” I know…I’m silly but I honestly couldn’t fathom a gift out of the blue. He’s a wicked boyfriend. (The co-op for Portal 2 is almost like playing Little Big Planet, which if you haven’t, it’s the funniest game in existence) I had picked out a zombie batman shirt from hot topic a week earlier to give to him when the time was right (I like having a gift or two prepared for special occasions) so I gave it to him. He loved it but I felt terrible because I had bought it in extra large (Jay is NOT an extra large). When you’re shopping for a guy though, you just don’t know! It creeps into night shirt territory but he still likes it and it IS a pretty bad ass shirt. (He corrected me in that it was not a zombie batman, it was a “black lantern” batman. Okay, so I’m not hip with the superhero comics. He is.) Jay is about 5’10 and I’m about 5’4. Shopping clothing-wise for someone always messes me up. I’m proportion-perception challenged. I have no perception. That’s why I hate driving, I have a hard time figuring out the width/length of the car I’m in and therefore, fear hitting EVERYTHING.

I cant believe my son will be one years old in 2 months and no, time hasn’t “flown” by. It continues to be a journey. My birthday will be the month after my sons. I’m thinking of spending it at the beach while having a bonfire. I’ve done that once before with friends. It’s a pain in the ass to haul all of the wood from the car to the actual beach but well worth it. There is nothing like hearing the ocean while having a bonfire. I’d rather go to Disney land but that just plain couldn’t work. I cannot wait for my son to be older so I can take him there. Some of my fondest memories involved Disney.

Horoscope time! I’m a Virgo and my son is a Cancer. My dad is also a Virgo, as is Jay. While my mother and my ex are Scorpios. I sense a theme, haha. I love horoscopes.



~ by Single Gamer Mom on May 3, 2011.

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