Nyquil, goverment assistence and Passover.

Nyquil. Beware.

I’d like to quote this article from WIRED magazine regarding Nyquil: “P&G (procter and gamble) isn’t talking, but we suspect the cloyingly repulsive taste of NyQuil is to ensure that you can swallow a tablespoon or two but can’t drink enough of the stuff to start seeing Jesus.”

That’s about the right way to describe it. Nyquil and Dayquil are some of the foulest tasting medicines out there but boy do they pack a punch. I’ve only taken them a handful of times (I pretty much have to feel near death to consider it). They knock you the f@%# out and when you finally come back to life, it’s as if waking from a dream you can’t remember and a whole day has gone by. Jay took some to get over almost getting a cold (the cold my son and I both had and gave to him) and it made me remember the time I took Nyquil and ended up sleeping for about 2 days straight! I think I got up to pee and make a sandwich but i didn’t even remember doing either. I’m pretty sure I brought the sandwich to bed because I woke up with half of it tucked in next to me.

Jay came over the other day still in his yarmulke from Passover Seder. Cute. I used to think all that Jewish stuff would freak me out but it just doesn’t. Maybe it’s because I’m older or maybe it’s because Jay is the coolest, nerdiest guy I’ve dated, not to mention one of his passions is helping people (how sweet can you get?). I try to arm myself with knowledge thinking he’ll get irritated if I’m clueless about Jewish culture and then he laughs with slight disappointment when I already know things he’d like to tell me about it so i’ve been keeping the browsing Judaism 101 to a minimum. It also just hit me that it’s quite comical that I’ve dubbed the boyfriend “Jay,” when he both looks and acts much more like Silent Bob. He even WAS Silent Bob for Halloween once. We also both worship Kevin Smith. When I walked into his room and saw a poster of Smith, I geeked out and he took one look at me, fell to his knees and just sang my praises. Nice. Jay tells me I’m beautiful every single time we’re together. More times than I can even remember my ex saying our whole relationship.

My ex didn’t think I was very attractive and made a point of telling me that on a scale of 1-10, I was about a 5. He told me this WHILE I was pregnant. Yea, major mood boost when you weigh nearly 200lbs and waddle. I cried on and off all day while he didn’t bat an eyelash. This is why dating someone new is such a monumental slap in the face for me. As if the part of me that was crushed long ago has risen back up and is screaming an epic war cry. Speaking of epic, Jay and I finally got to playing some gears of war 2. I so embarrassed. After a year hiatus from the game, let’s just say I was less than awesome. I sucked. I couldn’t figure out how to run for 2 straight minutes (after having played Dead Space 2, my mind was still programmed for that). I need to implicate my xbox live membership as soon as possible but only if i’ll have time to get my moneys worth. I bought the years worth pretty much a YEAR AGO and it just stares me in the face daily.

Been really exhausted lately between looking into government assistance and contemplating school, moving out and work. The moving out part is laughable but MUST be seriously looked into. I figure there are so many women worse off than me who pull themselves up and out of the ghetto with government help that maybe I can pull myself out of where i’m at too. Getting by on dwindling child support that is never the right amount and never comes on time is more than just irritating. I can honestly say I’ve never really felt what it’s like to struggle till this last year and maybe this is all a trial I’m supposed to be facing. Perhaps I’ll be stronger, smarter and more savvy because of it but right now, my inner strength is being slowly eroded. It feels like a catch-22, how do you get an apartment with no job and how do you get a job with no money for child care and how do you go to school with none of the above PLUS work? Brain fried! Researching…



~ by Single Gamer Mom on April 21, 2011.

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