Cheese to my Macaroni

<—–Jay and SGM are now a super crime fighting, dynamic duo! son, so a trio..

Yes, It’s official, the cycle has started itself again. Single Gamer Mom has a boyfriend. It just happened, after two months of dating, we’re a couple, … but what does that even mean? I still can’t help being spooked by all this a little. Excited but spooked. I know I should just sit back and enjoy all this newness and freshness. Finally I’ve found someone I don’t have to be embarrassed of or afraid to bring home to my parents or out with a group of friends. He isn’t dull or lacking in wit and has charm to spare. His room is just as geeky excellent as mine was prior to my son (I took all my posters down and packed my comics and action figures away because I thought I was moving. Now it’s bear and baby infiltrated.)

Jay isn’t any of the following: stupid, gross, ignorant, arrogant, ill-mannered, awkward, inconsiderate, self-centered, alcoholic, a smoker or a druggie, plus my parents approve. BIG plus. (I totally feel like Bridget Jones talking to her diary) Though something that rained on my happy parade was the fact that a picture recently taken of us together ended up making Jay look a little like my ex. Truthfully, they look NOTHING alike but in this one picture,… It freaked both me and some friends out. I even got some comments suggesting I might be trying to replace my ex with someone similar looking which initially just mae me laugh (then partially irritated me) but seriously makes no sense because Jay doesn’t look like ex at all. It made me wonder about that whole “everyone has a type” thing though. I can’t wait to get back to college and take some Psychology classes! Can’t wait for summer.



~ by Single Gamer Mom on April 13, 2011.

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