Sex, men and dating (part 1)

Okay, we’re going to talk sex, men and dating. As a single mom. A single, fabulous gamer mom…

First off- I haven’t had sex in about a year. It sucks. I’m not some sex-maniac but it’s safe to say I’m starved for a little tank n’ spank if you know what I mean. Although it’s sex that got me into this boat in the first place. I chose not to get an IUD after I gave birth. Everyone encouraged it but the thought of having some little object in my uterus for 5 years that could possibly tear into my body, didn’t sound too appealing. I’M A BIG CHICKEN OKAY?! There, I said it. I was on the pill when I became pregnant the first time around so my trust in the pill isn’t as solid as it once was. I suppose condoms would help…but their so…squeaky and uncomfortable! (but obviously not unbearable)

I feel like I haven’t every REALLY dated anyone. Because I was with someone so young and for so long, I never got a chance to really experience flirting and being courted. It’s all awkward and new for me now because my whole teenage life was dedicated to one person and that failed miserably. Now I’m back in the game and feel like I am feeling my way around in the dark. I briefly looked into online dating without success (holy crap, too many weirdos). When I finally stopped “looking” for someone, I realized I started to get noticed more (and all that annoying advice my dad used to give me, slapped me upside the head singing, “I told you so!”). Let’s hope those who notice are authentic!

So here is the skinny: I met someone. I met someone I already knew for over 2 years. Well, I didn’t deeply know them but he worked right across from where I was working at the time and frequently visited. He knows about my divorce, my ex and my single mommy-hood and doesn’t bat an eyelash over any of it. He was good looking then and he is good looking now. So it begins. I smell spring…



~ by Single Gamer Mom on April 6, 2011.

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