Mondays are on probation for good behavior

Yesterday was a Monday. Mondays usually suck. Yesterday did NOT suck.

I decided to go on a long walk around town with the stroller. Jay decided to join me. We walked, sat, enjoyed the weather, drank smoothies and talked about each other for at least 2+ hours. I had recently bought my son all the necessary pool gear for his first time swimming and since the weather was divine, decided I would go to the pool after the walk. Jay offered to join us, so after another hour of getting my son ready and all the towels/gear, we sat in a foot and a half deep kids pool and walked my son around in his floating apparatus. Happy, quiet (aside from the constant splashing as my son pounds the water, laughing) and careless. The satisfying kind of careless you feel when drinking a cool lemonade on a hot day. I even threw my past reservations to the wind and wore my old, black bikini (with a tank top to cover my tummy). I was so sure I’d end up wearing a 1-piece but when it came right down to it, I’m slowly growing more comfortable with my flaws. Silvery outer thigh “tiger stripes” and all. I wasn’t really swimming but being even knee-deep in a pool reminded me of memories long forgotten..

Somewhere between the pool and getting back to my house, Jay asked to take me to dinner. I practically blurted out, “Aren’t you bored of me yet?! Look at all my daily craziness! Look at my baggage! My past!” My mind told me to shut up when he kissed me. I just get so caught up in wondering what anyone could possibly see in me. Yay insecurity. My mom offered to watch my son for me while we went out because it was so close to his bedtime. After dinner, he parked his car atop a hill that overlooked the city. It was like a sea of fire with all the lights shining out in the distance. He opened the moon roof and we sat there staring up and talking philosophy and world views. It feels wonderful to be able to have an intelligent conversation with someone you fancy! Jay was flabbergasted that I had never seen “The Boondock Saints,” since I am such a Norman Reedus fan after seeing “Walking dead.” (mmm Daryl can rescue me from zombies any day!!!) We watched it at my house in a heat of similar interest driven passion. I liked it. It made me laugh. To end a perfect day, Jay let me borrow his “Kick-ass” comics. Awesome.



~ by Single Gamer Mom on April 6, 2011.

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