Enter Mr. Possible

This is going to be a good ass year.

I’m so stoked for season 5 of “the guild,” season 2 of “the walking dead,” and the release of “gears of war 3.” All in one year, really? Japan just had to take a hit from the gods in order for all the good stuff to happen i guess. (Poor Japan. That’s the place I MOST want to travel to so i’d rather it be intact) Now if only E3 would open to the general public. One can dream right?

I’ve been spending a few hours every weekend with the handsome blast from my past I talked about in my last post. We’ve been hanging out for about six or seven weeks now. Let me introduce him better- He is gentlemanly, a great conservationist and he is Jewish. Let’s call him “J,” (yes, I’m totally using “J” for Jew. I’m so creative. Though I’ll make it “Jay,” for typing fluidity) I find his Jew-ness intriguing and kind of sexy. He and his family are “conservative” Jews. He is mostly kosher and no, he doesn’t wear a yarmulke 24/7 (Just at Temple). Best of all, he’s a geek, a gamer and the fact that I am a single mom doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. In fact, he has already met and interacted with my son for months (I bring him shopping with me and subsequently, into Jay’s place of work.)

Intimacy was something I’ve had to ease into. It’s hard even now, nearly a year after separating but Jay makes me smile. I didn’t think I’d ever feel that bright and shiny feeling again but he kissed me. I kissed him. We watched “Hot Tub Time Machine.” Yep, time well spent. Our only humorous hang up is that he is a PS3 gamer and I’m an xbox360 gamer so we cant intermingle our games, haha. That could serve as a great analogy for a lot of things in life…At least he’s not an RPG gamer, not that i have a problem with them but if you are ONLY one type of gamer, your mind is closed off the a whole world of games! Too bad we can’t play online together though. I’d really like a PS3 again PURELY for “Little Big Planet.” I’ve never laughed so hard playing a video game with someone. Ever.

Oh, I signed up on “www.gamermomsclub.com,” and while it’s a little quiet, it’s still pretty cool to see OTHER moms who game.

Indeed, the year of the metal rabbit looks bright..



~ by Single Gamer Mom on April 6, 2011.

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