Waiting for superman…

Having given life is an amazing and unforgettable thing but lest we forget, I am human.

I have needs. Needs? Is that what they call them? I’m not sure, perhaps wants is a better term? Many moms would throw that back in my face and call them…selfish desires? To them I say, “whatever.” It’s easy to chastise someone when you yourself have a loving partner around.

I MISS having someone to cuddle with and talk to at night. I miss having someone to go on adventures with, see new movies with, laugh at life with, even to do daily mundane stuff with. I’ll tell you what my pride has kept me from really admitting what i only admitted to my dad a few weeks back; as much as I’d LIKE to find my knight in shining armor, I’m not really worth dating at this current point in time. *queue the worlds smallest violin* I know, it’s sad. In gaming terms, I need to get more exp. points and unlock some more achievements before i can properly reach the next level prepared to take on the boss fight. Oh yea, I’m smooth. That’s not to say I’m not undeniably awesome, I just need to get my ducks in a row. I’d like them to admire where I am in life not just the fact that I’m available. I’m currently a single stay at home mom. I admit, that’s not terribly attractive. My obvious duty is first and foremost to my son but I do get lonely. At least after my last relationship, I’ve learned to raise my f@%#ing standards! (Note to self- DO NOT entertain dating someone who doesn’t have a job or isn’t in school or isn’t at least on SOME kind of legit path to making something of themselves!!! DO NOT FORGET)

I yearn terribly for a best friend whom I can fall in love with.. except now, he has to be good with and like kids. No, he has to like MY kid. Game on! Ugh, When did i evolve into such a hopeless romantic?



~ by Single Gamer Mom on March 31, 2011.

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