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It’s time for my LIFE IMPROVEMENTS list! Let’s see, things I need to improve in my life:

*WORK: I need a job with a stable income


*EDUCATION: Preferably a bachelors degree (I’ve dropped out twice before the semesters even ended.)

*CAREER: (yes, its different from work)

*APARTMENT: Last but certainly not least, I need my own place to live!

These are the basic biggies. I had next to no boundaries as a child. I got almost everyone I ever wanted (hence the *instant gratification* syndrome). I also was rarely pushed to followed through with anything which lead to a big lack of independence. I ended up not getting my license till I was 20 years old! So embarrassing. Originally I had this weird phobia about driving and everyone took it as laziness. I have a nasty phobia of needles too. Actually, it’s not specifically needles or I wouldn’t have my awesome tattoos! It’s a phobia of injections/blood work. I used to hide under the table at the doctors, kicking and screaming to avoid shots. I didn’t get any blood work or vaccinations when I was pregnant but my son was born ridiculously healthy and big so poo poo to all the nurses that tried making me feel guilty! (Plus when I got an epidural I had to get an IV which was traumatic because the nurse poked it in wrong and blood sprayed everywhere. I literally watched myself leak onto the floor.) Let’s hope my son didn’t get the “needle-fear” gene (or the “bad-luck” gene which I’ll touch on in another post) because I’m going to be no help in the doctors office. ;_;

Let me elaborate on the career path I’d like to pursue. This has taken me a lot of time to decide on and I still get shaky in my foundation from time to time (I’m also very interested in psychology and human sexuality studies) but what it has boiled down to is, I’d like to become a character concept artist for video games/animated films. The tough part is, you have to be ridiculously amazing at literally everything to get into this job. Anatomy, texture, color, organic, mechanical. You have to be able to draw upon knowledge at any given time to draw people, animals, weaponry, clothing and vehicles both from life and from imagination! I love drawing but not only do I need a fine art education to learn and perfect the basics but I’d have to grin and bear it when drawing things i do not enjoy drawing (such as mechanical things). This summer, I’ll be starting my to get my general education out of the way via online classes and eventually I’ll be able to transfer to a 4-year art school, bettering my chances of getting hired by my higher choices. Visceral games, currently being the top of the list. Speaking of which, “Dead space 2” was so much better than the first. I heard the concept artists got to sit around with folders of crime scene and autopsy photos to research.




~ by Single Gamer Mom on March 31, 2011.

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